Sega Bass Fishing 2 Faq

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

This FAQ is a mini-guide created to help Dreamcasters hook the big ones in
This is not a replacement, or reproduction, of all the basics covered within
the instruction manual.
The writer assumes you are smarter than a fish by using these simple TIPS &
TRICKS to have fun.
I hope you enjoy this resource as much as I enjoy playing this game!


Each character has their own abilities. From the main menu you can select the
to choose your character. To start off the game you will only have 7
characters to choose from.
By experimenting with different characters you can also change the narrators
voice in the game.
More characters can be unlocked by successful completion of the various
Tournament Modes.
The different characters can be customized as shown below:

PLAYER TYPE---Choose your favorite character based on their abilities!*
CLOTHING---Protect yourself from the fashion police and dress for success.
SUNGLASSES---These are very cool but they won't improve your vision.
CAP/HAT---You might need a hat so you don't get too much sun and burn.
BOAT COLOR---Are you color coordinated yet?

***SPECIAL TIP #1*** The PLAYER TYPE is the most important selection here!
True beauty is more than skin deep for this game, so find the best character
to fit your style!
I used  A. Taylor and then J. Carter to start off with. Why not give them a

You picked out a character that is dressed to impress. But what do all these
abilities really mean?

CASTING DISTANCE---How far can you cast your line? The maximum casting
distance is 34.5 yards,
but you won't want to hook one from that far out most likely! By selecting
the A button before you cast,
you can change your style of casting from overhead, side armed (left or
right), and a skipper across
the water. You can adjust the distance slightly using the very cool Fishing
Rod Controller too.
CASTING ACCURACY---Is your lure hitting all the right spots? It seems easy
enough to start off,
but sometimes when you see  a big one underwater you will want minor
adjustments to the location
of the cast.
RETRIEVE SPEED---How fast can you reel in your line? This can help reel in
the fishing line faster.
Use the B button to pull in your line automatically if there isn't the fish
you want around.
SIGHT---You snagged the cool shades but can you see fish from above the water
easily? As you ride
around in your boat looking for fish you will sometimes see silhouettes of
fish from above the water.
FIGHTING TECHNIQUE---You gotta fight hard to land the big ones! This changes
how accurately your
fight meter displays the line tension as you reel in the fish.
CATCHING TECHNIQUE---You hooked the big one and have the fish next to the
boat. With a larger
red zone to use the A button, you can stay calm and pull it in!

***SPECIAL TIP #2*** For beginners the most important ability is FIGHTING
Finding the right fishing spots take some luck at first, but reeling the fish
in takes all your skills!
I prefer the Fishing Rod Controller when I play because it offers a more
realistic game simulation.

The speed of your boat varies using the X and Y buttons combined with the joy
stick for movement.
You will find a lot of tight quarters to navigate as you search for hot spots
on the water. Immediately
crank the gas up all the way and use the joy stick to direct the boat. Time
is precious so don't worry
about being slow and quiet, the sound of your boat will not scare away the

You will also notice you have a Depth Finder when you enter the various play
modes. When cruising
the waters you can hit the A button to see different options. You can change
your depth finder to a
Fish Map to see the boundaries of the fishing area or select Go to Other
Areas. Remember that you
can't switch to other areas when less than an hour of fishing remains.

***SPECIAL TIP #3*** Pay attention to the DIFFERENT SOUNDS you hear while
riding in your boat!
Your boat has a special SONAR DEVICE directly under its bow (front) for
locating fish under the water.
If you hear a beeping noise, try to stop and back up--before--you cast your
line into the water.
This works effectively for both the Depth Finder AND the Fishing Map too.

Watching the FMV INTRO to the game not only gets you excited to play, it
Although the graphics of the silver truck didn't match my beat-up Pathfinder,
it effectively demonstrates
some of the lure motions/movements you will need to master to catch the big
fish. You have a limited number
of lures to start with in the game. However, there are 102 as you advance
through the various stages.
(After catching about 3,000 total pounds of fish to date, I still have 31
lures left to unlock! ~laughs~)

Because gamers use different controllers and there are so many lures I wont
go into details of all of them.
Instead I will help explain the best factors to keep in mind using my
favorite lure as an example. I played
using the Dreamcast Fishing Rod controller and used the DOUBLE WILLOW  (lure
#38) almost exclusively
to unlock the new fishing locations within the game. Listed below are its

NAME---Double Willow
CATEGORY---Wire Baits
WEIGHT---3/8 oz.

Like the characters in the game, you will discover lures all have special
attributes and  are best used
for specific situations. For best results experiment to find a lure that YOU
can use effectively. I liked this
lure because I can use it in shallow water as well as medium and deep waters.
Factors such as Water
Temperature, Color of Bait, Time of Day are important too. However this
particular lure worked  for me
in every situation of the game until much later when I had to use the BUZZ
BAIT and NOISY BAIT as well.

***SPECIAL TIP #4*** Use a Sinking Lure for GREATER VISION under the water.
Cast your line into the
water and look for fish as you reel in your line in quickly. If you don't see
any fish you can use the B button
to automatically reel in your line and cast elsewhere again! Maybe you will
find the big one right away?

When you are going for big bass try to think of a BIG SHARK! They are
attracted by sounds, motions and
sights which induce a FEEDING RESPONSE from them. You can tell when you have
a sharks attention!
(Although the soundtrack for the game is cool, just imagine if you heard the
JAWS THEME music when
a fish was about to bite the lure! ~laughs~)

***SPECIAL TIP #5*** Catch the BIGGEST FISH OF THE DAY when playing the
Tournament modes!
This will unlocks special lures that are not available when you start the

Keeping these factors in mind, use a lure that makes NOISE! This is a good
way to get attention from a bass.
Cast your bait against walls so they fall into the water and create a large
splash. Let your bait sink and
drag it slowly over rocks and wood structures under docks. Trash and/or junk
make noise too. You can also
use a noisy surface lure to drive the fish bonkers too.

When reeling your lure try to give it natural MOTIONS! Imagine a frog jumping
into the water and then
quickly diving for safety. Or reel a bit faster so the bass thinks its a
small fish showing panic to get away.
If you notice that you have some attention from a fish, DO NOT alter your
lure movement too suddenly or
you might lose the fish!

Usually fish will charge and attack the lure at higher speeds. If for some
reason your fish is staring at
the bait reconsider the lure motion and the time of day. Mornings and
evenings are best times to catch fish.
They prefer shade or deeper waters when the temperature gets too hot. When
its cold they are more likely
to be near the surface or shallow waters. Also keep in mind that fishing in
deeper waters takes more time!

Also, the Largemouth Bass tend to be more dumb than their Smallmouth
relatives. They are more likely to
hit the lure if you have the bait between your boat and the fish. If you cast
past the fish, most likely it will
not chase the bait until you have reeled it past the fish towards your boat.
Keep in mind that fish generally
won't  come closer than 7 yards to the boat!

Use a bait that has a noticeable COLOR! If its morning, evening or maybe just
cloudy and/or raining you
may want a bright colored lure. Consider darker and more natural color lures
for sunny days. Also, lures
that make reflections in the water will attract attention.

When the fish does finally bite, PULL UP THE ROD TO HOOK THE FISH! This is
very important to set the hook
so they don't get away. Don't start reeling them in right away or your line
might snap. Instead give the fish
a brief moment to run with the bait. The maximum line length for your rod is
usually about 38 yards.
Always be patient and keep your eyes on the LINE TENSION, red is bad and
green is good for the meter.
Use left and right motions to fight the fish in the opposite direction so its
struggles will work for you!
When the fish struggles with its mouth open is also a good time to reel.

EXAMPLES: If the fish is running right, then tap your line to the left and
occasionally reel. When the fish
changes directions to the left you can reel in the slack more quickly and
then tap to the right. If the fish runs
down and away, tap left and right (or pull up and down on the rod). Most oft
en you will have the best luck
fighting the fish from left to right. Repeat this process until you have the
fish near the boat to catch it!

Most of the time a hungry fish will jump on your hook right away. If you miss
the fish try and give it some
time to get back to the original spot where you lured it out from hiding.
Fish seem to be creatures of habit
and like to feed at various times of day in different areas and conditions.
If the fish doesn't seem interested
be prepared to move on to another spot and save time.

***SPECIAL TIP #6*** Learn to DROP THE HOOK and land the big ones! By using a
faster reeling technique
you can get a fish to chase at a very fast pace. Keep an eye on the distance
of your line as the fish approaches.
Once the fish and lure are close to the boat (7 to 10 yards) sometimes you
can time it so you stop reeling
for a split second and the hook will literally fall right into its mouth! Try
finding other techniques to catch
fish closer into your boat and then you will eat less time on the clock!

By winning the tournaments you can unlock NEW LOCATIONS and SECRET
CHARACTERS! You can also earn some extra points and/or SPECIAL LURES for the
Biggest Fish Award of the day. Always remember to save your game before you
power off your dreamcast when you do well!

The adventure begins at LAKE EAGLE, which has 5 default locations to choose
from when you start the game.
Although its challenging at first you should find great success fishing in
these waters as the game continues.
Take this opportunity to practice BEFORE you challenge the Tournament in the

***SPECIAL TIP #7*** Remember that PATIENCE IS A VIRTUE and practice always
makes perfect!
When you unlock a new location it becomes available in the Free Fishing Mode.
Find out where the hot spots
are before you compete in the new tournaments for best results! Then hope for
some good luck fishing!  8^)

Below is a listing of the various tournaments and fishing locations you will
discover in the game. I also ranked my favorite locations to help you find
those SUPER BIG ONES! (1 = 1st, 2 = 2nd)

---DEER CREEK - 1 (tie)
---ANDERSON BRIDGE - 1 (tie)


---REED AREA - 1


There are many varieties of fish to catch in the game but you will want to
focus on the BASS! The biggest
Largemouth Bass i have caught to date was from Hump Point at Lake Rattler (18
lbs 09 oz.). I landed a few
Super Big Ones, over 18 lbs., at Deer Creek and Anderson Bridge as well.
Whats your biggest catch?

***SPECIAL TIP #8*** Always THINK AND SAVE WISELY when playing the Tournament
If you have done well through the first stages of a tournament and have a bad
day in the rain you can quit
and go back to the start of the last stage you were playing! By winning the
various Tournament Modes
you can unlock 4 Secret Characters in the game!

Beating the World Classic Tournament was a hard fight as SMALLMOUTH BASS are
the new catch of the day!
The trick to beating this level is not easy. You will probably need an
average 30 pounds of fish per day to
win first place in this tournament as it is based on weight only. But here
are some helpful tips for hooking
the big ones to win it all!

Try starting at the bridge using E. Vick as a character. Then rotate
immediately to the right. You will see
people wearing all white clothes in the background. Cast directly at them
with a good lure that lets you see
underwater (such as #38). Most often there will be a BIG ONE or two right
there every time! Use a Surface
Lure to catch them while they are near the surface in the morning (such as a
Noisy Bait). Take them both out
and work to the right along the perimeters to get all the others you can (use
trusty #38 or the Buzz Bait).
Don't bother fishing too deep because you really don't have the time to spare!

This sounds easy enough... But, from my experience you need to catch all your
fish BEFORE NOON! The last day of this Tournament is probably the most
frustrating part of the game. So hang in there and keep trying!
The biggest Smallmouth Bass I caught was 11 lbs and 12 oz.

***SPECIAL TIP #9*** Use the tips above to UNLOCK THE ULTIMATE CHARACTER! By
finishing the
World Classic Tournament ranked in the top 3 you will unlock E. McCrary with
all attributes 100%.
Now that your a TRUE BASS MASTER you can go back through the earlier stages
again to catch those
Super Big Ones that got away. Congratulations on a job well done!

>>> KUDOS!
If you made it this far along... I want to THANK YOU for taking the time to
read this FISHY FAQ!
I hope this  mini-guide helps you with your adventures in SEGA GET BASS 2!


be creative, dare to dream!

***SPECIAL TIP #10*** Don't forget to use the MESSAGE BOARDS AT GAMEFAQS for
timely answers
to your urgent questions about video games! Who knows, you may find some new
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