Bass Masters Classic Faq

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

           1.1 Buttons and Controls

-While on the lake-

press and hold A= accelerate (while moving forward tap B to stop)

press and hold B= reverse (while moving backwards tap A to stop)

Tap C= this will bring up your casting cursor

-using the casting cursor-

tap B= casting cursor will begin to move outwards

tap B= taping B the second time will stop the cursor and cast out your lure
now you are in the water

-In the water-

press and hold A= to gradually reel in your lure

tap B= I found that this seems to attract fish

press and hold B+C+down= this is the meat and potatoes this is how you hook

- the D-pad -

the directional controls the movement of your boat the direction of your
casting cursor, your lure and lets you pick what you want to do at the
beginning of each level

        2.1 Tournament Rules

- Each tournament consists of three days of fishing

- A livewell may contain five bass

- Each bass must be fifteen inches in length

- If a sixth fish is caught the smallest bass will be released

- Rank will be determined by the combined weight of your bass from all three

- Tournament starts at 6:59am and ends at 3:00pm

- If you are late for weigh-in you will be deducted two ounces for every minute
you are late

- If you do not arrive to weigh-in by 3:20pm you will be disqualified for
that day of fishing

        3.1 Equipment

Propeller bait 0-15 ft. effective range $5.00
Grub 20-25 ft. effective range $5.00
Popper 0-20 ft. effective range $5.00
Crank bait 15-25 ft. effective range $5.00
Worm 15-25 ft. effective range $5.00
Spinner bait 0-15 ft. effective range $5.00

tackle box limit is three per bait

10 Lb test mono line $5.00
30 Lb test cofiliment $15.00
100 Lb test monster filiment glow $100.00

tackle box limit is one of each

Fiberglass Flexrod $25.00
Graphite Gung Ho rod $75.00
Boron Bassage rod $100.00

tackle box limit is one rod

Push button spincast reel $25.00
Rear drag spinning reel $65.00
Bail casting reel $100.00

tackle box limit is one reel

Fish Finders
Pro i.d $0.00
Eagle Supra Pro i.d $95.00
Lowrance X-70A lcd $480.00

tackle box limit is one fish finder

Evinrude 50 hp $0.00
Johnson 70 hp $6900.00
Evinrude Intruder 150 $11200.00
Johnson Venom 225 $13300.00

         4.1 Characters

Bill E. Poxy

Bonnie B. wild

Charlie "the cheetah" Carson

Dick "dead eye" Dixon

"doc" Holiday

Dr. Iko Yokohama

Javier "the magician" Jackson

Maureen "the surgeon" Sturgeon

Sammy "sonar" Simpson


The bass- the star of this game you'll need to catch him to win

The carp- there numerous, there annoying avoid these at all cost

The trout- although there big and heavy don't waste time on them you'll have
to through him back anyways.

     5.1 Objectives and rewards

Objective- catch fishus Monstrositus for Alexander Dubois

          6.1 Levels

Skull Lake

First stop on the Bass masters Classic tournament tour Skull Lake with a
current record Bass of six pounds one ounce. Here is the key to this lake
stay away from the deep water via the middle of the lake. If you want to catch
the big one and or any bass at all, fish the banks there you will surely find
a victory waiting for you. For this lake you will need to place in the top
five to move on. For bait and line on this lake I would recommend 10 pound
test and a grub lure, Its seems that a grub lure works best on most bass.
Here is a hint if you see a fish jump near the banks on the lake or any where
else for that matter try casting there, there is most likely a bass waiting
for you. And remember if you need any bait, line, or equipment at all be sure
to shop at hanks bait shop.

Monkey Lake
Number two on this years Bass masters Classic tour Monkey Lake
with a current record bass of nine pounds two ounces. You must place fourth
here to continue. The key to this lack is to fish around fallen trees but
not on fallen trees cause you'll lose your lure, and also try fishing just
around the deep water. Stick to this and you will be sure to qualify for lake
number three. For this lake I recommend the 10 pound test with a grub lure,
cause if you try to use that 30 pound test you'll scare away the fish. And
if you need any more bait, line or equipment shop Ant's bait store where
everything's half off. Just Kidding

Deborah Lake
Next up my personal favorite number three on the Bass Masters Classic tour
Deborah Lake home of the Legendary Fishus Monstrositus. This lakes current
record bass is sixteen pounds three ounces, you must place in the top three
to qualify for lake number four. Now before you freak out over Fishus
Monstrositus I got to tell you how to get him first. Okay to find him start
at the dock and drive all the way to the top right corner of the lake there
will be a cove with a deep spot in the middle. anyways at the bottom of the
cove there will be a steam, I know it doesn't look like you can go down there
but you can just work your boat back into it. know keep working it all the
way down the stream you will find a small pond at the bottom of the stream.
here is were it gets tricky switch your line to 100 pound test and your lure
should be a grub and cast into the deepest part of the pond. You should see
him almost immediately know keep him in sight and reel your lure in as close
as possible 2 to 3 feet should do it. Know when he bites hook him and rapidly
reel in (tapping B ) and you should have him. If you lose him don't panic
just go back to the top right corner of the lake cast a few times, and then
return back to the secret pond and he should reappear. Now once you catch
him continue to fish deep water and also the banks to catch you limit and
this lake is a walk in the park. For other bass on this lake I recommend 30
pound test with a grub lure. And for that on stop shop, shop Dan's bait shop
for all your fishing needs.

Mosquito Lake
This years Bass Masters Classic Champion goes to the winner of this fourth
and final tournament. The record bass for this lake is twenty one pounds four
ounces. Ok this is it for all the marbles, the hole kitten caboodle, the hole
shabang win this tournament to become Bass masters Classic Champion and host
TV fishing hit "Big Ol' Bass". To win this mama jama you will need to combine
those shallow water fighters with those deep water lunkers. Fish the banks
and the deep waters, and don't just stop at your limit get the most weight
possible per day you'll need it, Good luck and have fun. And bye the way don't
forget to stop bye and say hi to your old friend Hank at Rob's bait shop.
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