Fisherman's Bait 2: Big Ol' Bass Faq

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

01. CONTROLLER ========================================================================


Circle or X     = Casting Power
L or R          = Release/Adjust Tension
Left Stick      = Direction Moves
Right Stick     = Reel


Circle or X     = Casting Power
Circle or X     = Reel
L or R          = Release/Adjust Tension
Directional Pad = Direction Moves

02.  H O W  T O  C A T C H  A  F I S H ?

01. First select a lure. Press up or down to change the lure's color.
02. Press left or right to choose direction. Pay attention to the fish spot.
03. Press X or Circle to cast.
04. Use X or Circle to set the casting power.
05. Rotate the right stick or press X/Circle to move the lure properly. The move
    ment of the lure is shown in the small window on the top left.
06. The window color changes when the fish bites.
07. If you get hit, tip the left stick  down and rotate the right stick. Or  tap
    down and press X or Circle simultaneously on your controller.
08. If the fish bites your lure, reel it using  left stick while keep rotate the
    right stick.
09. Pay  attention to  the tension  meter on the right of the screen. Adjust the
    tension by pressing L or R when the tension is going up. You can see it  the
    color is changing into red.
10. Keep on reel until you caught the fish. You can see the fish in the livewell
    by pressing L or R and choose Livewell.

03.  L U R E S

01. Popper       : Lure that looks like a  small  fish or frog. It floats at the
                   surface of the water. Pull the force to make noise and
                   splashes to attract the Bass's Attention.

02. Pencil Bait  : It  floats  at the water surface. Use shorts, quick movements
                   to mimic a small fish swimming.

03. Metal Jug    : A lure made of metal.  With it's high sinkability, it is very
                   effective  when fishing  at deep reservoirs and natural lakes
                   in winter.

04. Minnow       : Mimics a  tiny fish  swimming. This lure maintains it's level
                   underwater if allowed to drift and sinks slowly when you reel

05. Crank Bait   : Lure that sinks  when it's pulled. The lure floats if allowed
                   to drift. Quick pulls make the lure zig zag underwater.

06. Vibration    : This  lure vibrates  when it's pulled. It sinks if allowed to
                   drift. When you pull, it moves with vibration and noise.

07. Spinner Bait : This  lure stimulates the Bass's Curiosity with it's spinning
                   blade. Reeling in steadily is crucial.

08. Jerk Bait    : Small fish  lure made  of rubber. When pulled, it moves as if
                   transformed.  Wait until  it sinks slowly to target depth and
                   then start pulling.

09. Worm         : Worm - like lure  made of  rubber.  Moves  up and  down as it
                   struggles  at  the  bottom of the lake and attract the Bass's

10. Grub         : Grub-like lure.  It's large  fin sways  back and forth in the
                   water. Attract Bass by pulling it along the bottom.

04.  W O R L D  M O N S T E R  F I S H I N G  T O U R N A M E N T

1. USA Stage
   The Challenge    : Catch any fish over 20 lb. in total.
   The fishes are   : a. Patriot Bass
                      b. Stealth Ray
                      c. Turquoise
                      d. Peace Perch

2. JAPAN Stage
   The Challenge    : The 3 biggest fish must exceed 14 lb. in total.
   Target           : OH-KA
   The fishes are   : a. Oh-Ka
                      b. Fuji-Yakko
                      c. Shadow Assasin

3. COMOROS Stage
   The Challenge    : Catch a Coelacanth weighing at least 440 lb.
   The fishes are   : a. Coelacanth
                      b. Hallucination
                      c. Moonlight Rose

   After you finished the first three stage, a three new one will be available.

4. UK Stage
   The Challenge    : The three biggest fish must exceed 33 lb. in total.
   Target           : Jack Anarchy
   The fishes are   : a. Luminous Hunter
                      b. Jack Anarchy
                      c. Scotch Trout
                      d. Big Ben

5. EGYPT Stage
   The Challenge    : Catch a Pharaoh Perch weighing at least 660 lb.
   The fishes are   : a. Pharaoh Perch
                      b. Mummy
                      c. Death Mask

6. BRAZIL Stage
   The Challenge    : The three biggest fish must exceed 35 lb. in total.
   The fishes are   : a. Jyacale Asue
                      b. Peacock Bass
                      c. Jungle Back
                      d. Piranha Grande

   After you finished the second three stage, final stage will be in China.

7. CHINA Stage
   The Challenge    : Catch the monster
   Target           : Rong-Yuigh
   The fishes are   : a. Rong-Yuigh
                      b. Byakko Fish
                      c. Koo-Rong Bass
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